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YES Comedy Showcase - Drew Hastings


Drew Hastings: Comedian, Farmer, Mayor - not necessarily in that order. Did you hear about the LA comedian who moved back to rural Ohio, bought a farm and then got elected mayor? That’s Drew Hastings, a favorite on The Bob & Tom Show (and at YES Cinema), with appearances on Comedy Central and The Tonight Show.

Hastings appearance at YES Cinema on New Year’s Eve will not be his traditional stand-up, but rather "Stories for Grownups" - humorous stories and readings from his forthcoming book. As Drew describes it, "A very Midwest-centric, mostly humorous, edgy collection of stories and essays...longer-form humor and commentary."

Whether it's sales techniques from his stint as a psychedelic drug dealer or gardening in L.A. with retired ethnic cleansers, Drew's readings, as he says, "are a collection of funny, edgy, stories and essays with a Midwest perspective that Garrison Keillor would not recognize."

Both shows are rated "R" for language.

Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 after 6pm the night of the show (if there are any left! Drew’s shows tend to sell out early!).